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miercuri, 24 aprilie 2013

► fragments about the crystal skulls

The skull had also told Joanne that it came many thousands of years ago from a civilization far in advance of our own, and from a dimension different from our own, and that one day soon this is something mankind would understand!

the crystal skulls were designed specifically for the purpose of communication with extraterrestrial life. As she explains, “What they are is transceivers – devices to help us communicate with the other quadrants of the galaxy.” She said that we might think of them “as like telephones” that get you connected with Galactic Central and enable you to stay in touch with “civilizations beyond our littie bitty modern world.”

Native American medicine woman Jamie Sams says that “the crystal skulls contain information about our own ancestors, about our own past and our own future that will very soon change the whole way we see ourselves, our world, and our true place in the universe.”

According to Metis Cherokee medicine man Harley Swiftdeer, the full version of the legend of the crystal skulls says that there were originally twelve planets in the universe inhabited by human life; that there was one skull for each of these planets, and a thirteenth skull which was vital to finally reconnecting all of these worlds. According to Harley Swiftdeer and other native Americans, the crystal skulls were brought to this Earth as “gifts from the gods” – brought long ago by these beings from elsewhere in the universe.

These crystal skulls contained the wisdom necessary to found civilization on this Earth and when all thirteen crystal skulls are brought back together again, we will have finally found the key to reconnecting with our brothers and sisters elsewhere in this beautiful universe.

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