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duminică, 27 octombrie 2013

► Akhenaten

“Allegedly, [the Egyptian pharaoh] Akhenaten was not a human being, as can be noticed by the many sculptures of him and his wife which show him with a strange elongated head. Many skulls that fit this description have been found in places around the earth, not to mention that Akhenaten demanded more realism in the art of his dynasty, so if a sculpture was made of him that showed that he had an elongated skull, then he must have.

“Akhenaten is credited with creating the first “monotheistic” religion in Egypt, based on the “Law of One” (1), which was the worship of the Solar Disk, the Aten. During the few years that Akhenaten was the pharaoh, the Earth was seeded with important beliefs.” (2)

Here is a picture of Akhenaton.  The big hat may conceal a very elongated skull.

Akhenaton’s Children

Here is a picture of one of Akhenaton’s daughters. It looks like she inherited the full long-head genetic makeup. So her mother might be supposed to have been Akhenaton’s non-human wife.

Here is a picture of Akhenaton’s son Tutenkhamon; it’s a reconstruction from his mummified body. From this picture it might be supposed that Tutenkhamon’s mother was human.

This quote is from the book Initiation by Elizabeth Haich (4):

“’How is it Father? Why is the shape of our heads different from that of the sons of men?’

“’Those of us who have this elongated skull make relatively little use of our intellects because we are able to experience truth directly with our inner sight. Our forehead is not heavily arched, because in our heads the brain centres having to do with the power of thinking are only developed to the point necessary for us to perceive and consciously experience external impressions. On the contrary, in the rear part of our cranium we possess fully developed brain centres, the physical instruments of spiritual revelation.

“’These brain centres enable us to be conscious on the divine plane and give us superior qualities and characteristics which distinguish us from the sons of men. Human beings, in their consciousness, live in time and space. We, although we too inhabit earthly bodies, enjoy the perfect spiritual freedom, in freedom from time and space. Through the power of the divine consciousness and with the help of these brain centres, we are able to move freely through time and space.

“’This means that we are able to shift our consciousness into the past or into the future at will. In other words, we are able to experience the past and the future as present. And with the same ease we can free ourselves from the hindrance of space and move our consciousness to any place we wish. In this condition there is no `here’ and no `there’, but only omnipresence. For past and future – here and there – are only different aspects, different projections of the one and only reality, the eternal omnipresent Being : GOD.’” (5)

Was Ancient Egypt Visited by Beings from Star System Syrius?

Here is indirect evidence:

“The people who built the Sphinx, which predates the pyramids at Giza by several thousands of years at least, did so by aligning it exactly with the Sirius star system (Orion and canis Major). Now, we know that Sirius is a fixed star system—meaning that no matter where the earth is in orbit around the sun, or revolving on its own axis—that Sirius will be viewable when looking south in the night sky from the Northern hemisphere.” (6)

History of Syriun – Human Affairs

“My spirit guides from the Sirius Star System – currently a 6th dimensional civilisation within our galaxy – shared an interesting message regarding the telepathy ability the humans had forgotten.

“They said a minority of the human race was inter-bred with the Siriun and other Christed star beings during Ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. The descendant star-humans naturally inherited the genetic composition of the evolved Sirians, including telepathic communication among star-humans and with the various star systems.

“As the veil separating the Earth’s and higher dimensions of consciousness gets thinner by the day, the Siriuns are now able to directly assist us in heightening our consciousness, thus facilitating the restoration of lost star ability such as our telepathy and intuitive connection. This is the reason for the Siriun High Council to have gifted us with this brilliant New Moon energy transmission.” (7)


(1) Law of One, by Ra, http://llresearch.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_law_of_one_pdf.aspx

(2) from “Living Ma’at” by OMni, http://lightworkers.org/blog/175511/living-maat

(4) as referenced in “The Eternal, Omnipresent Being,” a post by Eileen at Sacred Spiral of Light, http://spiraloflight.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/the-eternal-omnipresent-being/

(5) More pictures (right) purported to be of Syriun beings – I think these may be children of Akhenaton. The source may be the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

(6) from http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1676801/pg1

(7) from “21 March 2012 – Expansion of Third Eye, Sirian High Council,” a post by Amara Tia Ann at “ACAST.Me,” http://wp.me/P22lmc-ry




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