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sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

► a man's face is revealed - the eclipse

At the moment of the Romanian New Moon (oct 5) our consciousness has emerged to the surface. At the 19 october eclipse, it began to receive a face. The face of a Man. And not an every day man.

You can see the same symbol in a crop circle, on august 23. It features an elongated head, and it appeared on the first degree of Virgo: A man's head.

The ascendant for Bucharest, that is for România, of the october 13 eclipse is on the same degree. The ascendant symbolize the essence, the theme, of  a specific moment, in this case the eclipse.

The vertex (see bellow) of the same eclipse is on capricorn 27: A mountain pilgrimage.

Now, there is in România a most sacred mountain peak, Vârfu Omu (the Omu Peak), which is considered to be the axis of the world. (The projection of the precessional circle center fall on this peak.) The sabian symbol corresponding to the longitude of this peak is 26 aries: a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold - the same degree as this eclipse.  The name of the peak, Omu, means in Romanian: the Man. 


Vertex - the essence of the soul

the Vertex axis stimulates Cosmic Awareness, an understanding that an  individual is an integral part of the Universe, not just an isolated, separate  entity

the Vertex axis can be likened to a doorway that gives access to other realities.

a planet conjunct or in a close to exact aspect to the Vertex tends to give a specific and often intense destiny – something the person is required to do or experience for greater soul development, or must do in order to find meaning in life – or both.

the sign and house in which the Vertex axis resides determines the type of doorway to other realities and Cosmic Awareness

the sign and house in which the rulers of the Vertex axis reside are also very important

if the Vertex is conjunct and/or parallel a fixed star it indicates a connection to the Galaxy through that Star system.


Also, the ascendent of this eclipse make a conjunction with the star Regulus
(32 Alpha Leonis m 1.35) - I House (orb -0°24'16")
Lion's Heart
Keywords: The most Royal Star; Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North; Nobility,   ambition,   alertness,   great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Mars/ Jupiter/ Uranus


possess of more gifts than he can hold - is a kind of cornucopia
to hold, you have to go beyond yourself to your real Self


A  man's face is revealed ; it is a portrait in which the artist has sought to idealize the best of human


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